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The Ukrainian days will bring us the best and not only from the cross-border cooperation of the cities of Košice and Uzhgorod

The Ukrainian days are one of the specific projects of the cross-border cooperation between Košice and Uzhgorod that has been renewed again by the Mayors of the two partner cities during their mutual visits. The Contract on the cooperation of the cities was signed in 1993. The City of Košice and Uzhgorod have adapted their cooperation to the real projects. For example, in the field of education the Slovak language basic school in Uzhgorod and the Košice city basic school at Staničná Street would like to establish contacts and exchange their experience in organizing the teaching process. Both cities together with the city of Charkov, the Centre of Social and Psychological Sciences of the Academy of Science and the Norwegian City, Sør-Varanger applied for financial support from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism in the field of transparent administration of public affairs. In the press conference held in the City Council there were Mr. Petro Romanov, member of the board of the Consortium of the company „SNT“ Kyjev and Professor Mikhail Abdulin from the Kyjev Polytechnic Institute who presented the possibilities of our cooperation in the field of energetics and green topics. The ecumenical movement makes an independent part of the planned cooperation.