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Twin cities of the City of Kosice





Germany Wuppertal Agreement on Cooperation between the Cities 22/5/1980. Renewal of the Agreement, 1996
Finland Raahe Agreement on Twin-Town Relations between the Cities 28/6/1987, renewal of the Agreement, 1991
Poland Rzeszow Declaration on Regional Cooperation between the Municipalities 23/11/1991
USA - Alabama Mobile Partnership Agreement, in Mobile 12/4/1991, in Košice 20/3/1992
Italy Verona Declaration on Regional Cooperation 20/8/1992
Germany Cottbus Town Twinning Agreement 6/7/1992
Ukraine Uzhorod Agreement on Cooperation 16/1/1993
Russian Federation Sankt Peterburg
Sankt Peterburg
Protocol on partnership and cooperation between the Cities 28/10/1995
Hungary Miskolc Agreement on Cooperation, 7/5/1997 in Košice, 11/5/1997 in Miskolc
Declaration of Intent to place a memorial tablet in the castle of Diósgyőr on the occasion of the 640th anniversary of granting the first armorial charter to the City of Košice, 7/5/2009
Hungary Budapest Declaration on Cooperation in the Field of Culture, 9/5/1997
Hungary Abaújszántó Memorandum of Cooperation signed on June 20th, 2007 in Košice
Turkey Bursa Agreement on Partnership Relations and Mutual Cooperation between the Cities, 29/3/2000
Bulgaria Plovdiv Agreement on Cooperation, 29/11/2000
Serbia Niš Agreement on Cooperation, 22/3/2001
Czech Republic Ostrava Agreement on Cooperation, 25/5/2001
Slovak Republic Vysoké Tatry Memorandum of Cooperation, 30/6/2006
Poland Katowice Agreement on Partnership Relations and Cooperation between the Cities, 6/5/2009
Poland Krosno Agreement of mutual cooperation between the Cities, 18/9/2009
People's Republic of China Wuhan Memorandum on Mutual Cooperation (6/11/2012, Wuhan)
Socialist Republic of Vietnam Da Nang Memorandum of Understanding on the Establishment of Friendship and Cooperation (16/4/2015, Da Nang)
Republic of Belarus Vitebsk Memorandum on Cooperation (8/7/2015, Vitebsk)
Socialist Republic of Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City Memorandum of Understanding on the Establishment of Friendship and Cooperation (15/12/2016, Ho Chi Minh City)